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Chapter 210 - Chapter 210: Legendary Knight! (1)

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Chapter 210: Legendary Knight! (1)

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Levi’s expression was solemn. Black gas surrounded his body and finally condensed into Black Scale that sounded like gold and iron.


“From the looks of it, it’s undoubtedly a Secondary Blood Clan member.”

The aura of the Primary Blood Clan was much stronger than this.

Levi would have run away without saying a word if it were the Primary Blood


Levi’s black gas transformed into a sharp blade in his palm.

It slashed at the incoming opponent.

The sharp claws of the Blood Clan member collided with the black gas, producing an ear-piercing sound of metal colliding.

One collision was enough for Levi to discover that its strength was not under his own.

Moreover, his opponent could fly, and its speed was not slow.

“I have to end this quickly. I can’t let it fly away. If it has external support, I won’t be able to rest in peace.”

Originally, Levi wanted to turn a blind eye, but this d*mn thing did not give him any face.

Bang! Black gas filled the sky, dancing wildly and rising.

Levi used his palm as a claw and grabbed its hind leg.

It lost its balance and fell from the sky after being caught by the black gas.

Levi took advantage of the situation.

The floor cracked, and rocks flew everywhere.

Frostmourne was unsheathed and nailed the Blood Clan monster to the ground.

Given the Blood Clan’s physique, Levi knew that these external injuries were nothing.

In terms of self-healing ability, even if he had Transcendent Physique, he could not compare to the mighty self-healing power of the Blood Clan.

Their self-healing ability did not come from themselves but from the supreme “Blood River Will”!

It was far beyond imagination, even if it was a Secondary Blood Clan.

Levi did not dare to be negligent. While the Blood Clan monster was nailed to the ground, he had already prepared the Seal of Flame.

The level 3 Seal of Flame’s azure-blue flames were like ghosts in the night.

It swept out with a bang!

The sizzling sound of oil was heard.

It wailed in agony. Its cries echoed in the empty alley.

“As expected, a weak monster!” Levi smashed the monster’s head with a punch. He relied on his powerful level 9 Black Scale and Frost Giant Armor to withstand his opponent’s ferocious attacks.

These attacks could easily tear apart the defense and armor of ordinary grand knights.

This Blood Clan monster was slightly more substantial than an ordinary top-tier grand knight because its attributes were robust. It was equivalent to a weakened version of Levi.

In particular, its physique and strength were slightly more substantial than Levi’s.

Fortunately, Levi had the seal.

Surging seals were sent out one after another.

Its body was burnt, but even so, it did not die. Instead, it struggled violently and broke free from Levi’s restraints.

It knew that it was no match for the grand knight.

Its short burst of power was no weaker than the human grand knight in front of it, but his endurance was too powerful.

He was not human at all!

Moreover, his defense was monstrous.

It flapped its bone wings and took off.

How could Levi let it go?

If this monster flew away, it would be impossible for him to catch it again.

Blood Clan members were good at hiding and could even change their appearance. As long as they wanted to hide, Levi could not find them.

Levi grabbed its wings and was brought up from the ground. Without hesitation, he snapped his fingers.

The phantom of the Frost Giant appeared.

The vampire looked even more terrified.

It roared, “A wizard tool?”

It was evident that the Blood Clan knew about Wizard Tools.

First-Ring Spell, Frost Giant’s Sigh!

The cold wind blew past, and it seemed out of place in the warm winter night of Flower City.

The monster’s body began to stiffen. Its bodily fluids had already been frozen, but its physical fitness was extreme, and its heart was still thumping.

Levi’s Frostmourne took the opportunity to stab its heart.

He poured out the black gas, and the black gas surged into his heart.

The surging black gas burst his opponent’s heart.

Compared to the brain, the heart was the monster’s weakness.

In addition, the Frost Giant’s Sigh had a freezing effect.

Snowflakes fell from the sky.

They fell together.

There was also the corpse of the Blood Clan. It fell straight to the ground from a height of 100 meters.

Levi stepped on its corpse and crashed to the ground.

The frozen body had lost its powerful defense and became fragile.

Coupled with the fact that it was falling from a high altitude, the impenetrable corpse directly smashed into the ground and shattered into pieces.

However, it was still not dead!

This made Levi understand why Blood Clan monsters were so troublesome.

“It’s a pity that I don’t have the inheritance of the Van Helsing Family.

Otherwise, it would be much easier to deal with them.”

Levi could only use the Seal of Flame to continue attacking.

In the end, the Blood Clan monster’s corpse was roasted until only a charred and dried skeleton was left. It shattered into ashes, and it was utterly dead.

Levi used the iron box he had prepared beforehand to put the remains of the corpses into it.

Levi felt this would be useful if the Blood Clan corpse were a casting material.

He looked at the mess on the ground.

Levi cleaned up the apparent traces of battle.

He placed the dry wood on the ground, scorched black by the Seal of Flame.

He placed the torn clothes of the Blood Clan monster and the fat noble’s body in the fire and burned them.

The fire burned brightly at night.

“In this case, it can cover up the traces of my Seal of Flame,” Levi muttered.

Then, he left.

He killed a Blood Clan member.

He was still a little nervous.

What if there was some inexplicable connection between the Blood Clan monsters?

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