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Chapter 182 - Chapter 182: Malicious Intentions

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Chapter 182: Malicious Intentions

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At that time, it was almost Gu Chen’s birthday. Xiao Bing hesitated about what gift to give.


He Wan brought her to an auction house. She pointed at the ring and recommended it to her. She even said that this ring was simple and nice. It was the best choice as a gift.

Naturally, she believed her.

“Thinking about it carefully, 1 do seem to have started to be unlucky after wearing the ring. I even encountered a series of things,” Gu Chen said thoughtfully.

He had worn it for so long that he felt a chill when he thought about it.

How revolting!

And it was taken from a dead person. No wonder he was so unlucky.

Seeing that his sister still believed in that He Wan, Xiao Han was really anxious and angry. Even now, Xiao Bing had yet to see through that woman’s vicious intentions.

“Sis, I’ve already told you not be so close to He Wan. Our families are competitors. Now, other than Brother-in-law’s Gu family’s antique shop, the He family has the biggest one. If they want to do anything to Brother-in-law, it will definitely be beneficial to them!” Xiao Han analyzed mercilessly.

Now that such a targeted incident had happened, the He family benefited the most. If not for the He family, there would be no one else.

“That’s right. Why didn’t 1 think of that? The antique underground city auction is in three days. If I can’t go, the He family will make a huge profit.” Thinking of this, Gu Chen was immediately furious.

She actually used such a devious method to harm him. In the business world, earning money depended on one’s own ability. Now, this was too despicable.

Their Gu family would obtain a lot of antiques that were worth a lot every year, but they obtained them all with their own abilities.

One had to depend on their reputation if they wanted to sell to the Gu Corporation.

In recent years, the He Corporation had risen up and earned a lot in the antique market. They had expanded the market and had the ability to compete with the Gu Corporation.

However, these were not reasons to harm others.

If one wanted to win, he had to win fair and square. It was forbidden by the law to harm others like this.

Hearing her husband’s analysis, Xiao Bing thought of how He Wan highly recommended the item that day. No matter how unwilling she was to admit it, she had to admit it at this moment.

It was very likely that He Wan wanted to harm her husband!

“He Wan! I won’t forgive her!” Xiao Bing’s face was filled with anger as she suppressed her anger.

She gritted her teeth so hard that they were about to break. If something really happened to Gu Chen, she would be an accomplice. When she thought of what Gu Chen had been through these few days, she wished she could drink He Wan’s blood.

She treated He Wan as her best friend, but He Wan had harmed her husband like this. If she did not take revenge, her name would not be Xiao Bing.

Seeing that his sister had reacted, Xiao Han finally calmed down a little.

He said softly, “Sister, I’ve long realized that there’s something wrong with this He Wan. As the fake daughter of the family, she often suppresses He Yuan. Her business methods are also extremely dishonorable.”

“A fake daughter?” Yu Su asked with interest when she heard this topic.

The Yu family also had a fake daughter. They were quite similar.

Seeing that she was interested, Xiao Han immediately added, “Yes, Yu Su, let me explain to you. He Wan was wrongly brought into the family. The real daughter of the family is He Yuan, but the He family prefers He Wan. He Yuan is like an invisible person at home.”

There was once when Xiao Han heard that He Wan had gotten someone to bully He Yuan after high school and blocked He Yuan at the entrance of the alley. At that time, he saw her true colors.

It was said that after entering university, He Yuan became even more timid.

She did not have any say at home now. If people did not know better, they would think that He Wan was the biological daughter of the family.

Yu Su fell into deep thought.

Why did she feel that what happened in the He family was so similar to her family? Was there a certain connection behind this?

Or was this a coincidence?

She had also heard of the He family. They were considered rich and powerful in the city, comparable to the Yu family. No matter what, she had to investigate this matter.

Her instincts told her that there was more to this than met the eye.

Could it be that she had a different connection with Yu Miao?

Gu Chen analyzed calmly, “He Wan’s intention should be to stop me from going to the antique auction city. This way, the He family can monopolize the majority of the auction.”

Perhaps after this auction, the He family’s business would expand again..

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