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Chapter 225 - Chapter 225: Good News

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Chapter 225: Good News

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After eating the barbecue, the four of them worked hard until dawn before they were finally done.


However, there was no joy of victory on their faces.

Zhao Wen raised his head and collapsed in his seat. “1 can’t take it anymore. I’m really going to die. 1 have to have a good sleep!”

The other three people were not any better. Mo Yu felt that her eyes were blurry from looking at the code. Everything she looked at now was letters and numbers.

Mo Yu stood up and stretched.

Seeing that the three of them were about to leave their bodies, she said, “You can go home first. Otherwise, you can sleep in the office before going back. There’s still a tough battle to fight on the platform this afternoon.”

Mo Yu felt that it was really good to have a team. If she was alone, she might have to work for a few days.

Just as Mo Yu wanted to take a nap on the massage chair, Gu Lian’s voice sounded again.

“Are you free now?”

Mo Yu closed her eyes and lay in the massage chair. She replied lazily, “It’s done. The promotional message will automatically be sent. The advertisement is done.”

Gu Lian said, “Then come to my office. There’s good news.”

Hearing the “good news”, Mo Yu immediately perked up.

At this moment, Zhao Wen and the other two were already snoring softly. Mo Yu also quietly left the meeting room.

“Hubby?” She knocked on Gu Lian’s office door and walked in.

Gu Lian’s mental state was not bad. Not only had he changed his clothes, but even his hair was combed neatly.

Mo Yu sighed silently in her heart. The settings of a big boss and cannon fodder were indeed incomparable. They both stayed up late, but the other party was in high spirits.

She turned to look at herself in the window. Not only was her face sallow, but she also had dark circles under her eyes.

“You can go to my lounge to rest later, but there’s good news now.”

Mo Yu turned around. “What good news? Have the goods arrived?”

Mo Yu’s mind was filled with today’s sales. This was also an opportunity for Llife to rise to another level.

Gu Lian smiled. “It has nothing to do with this event, but someone sent money.”

“Sent money?” Mo Yu looked at Gu Lian in confusion.

Gu Lian picked up his cell phone and gestured for Mo Yu to look at it.

Mo Yu picked up her phone in confusion. She did not expect it to be a message from Shen Zhou.

Although they had been very polite in the beginning, the final goal was also clear. They hoped that Gu Lian could find the person-in-charge of Llife to help Mo Xue suppress the heated discussion of the video. At least, make it so that it would not be so obvious on the front page.

“What video?” Mo Yu, Zhao Wen, and the others were all working hard yesterday and did not notice any popular trends yesterday.

Mo Yu helplessly took out her phone and entered the Llife platform. When she saw the popular video, she was completely speechless.

As expected, there was a lot of trouble when people were popular. Yesterday, she and Mo Xue were recorded in the restaurant again.

However, this time, Mo Xue had indeed angered everyone. As the daughter of the Shen family, not only was she rude and demeaning, but she had also ruined the netizens’ impression of the Shen family and even Bai Feng.

Mo Yu checked her email again. As expected, Bai Feng’s management company also began to contact the platform, hoping to establish a positive image of Bai Feng. They were also willing to pay a certain service fee.

Gu Lian had not said anything. When he saw the video yesterday, he was already a little angry. However, when he saw Mo Xue being scolded by the netizens and Mo Yu not affected at all, he did not use this matter to disturb Mo Yu.

However, things were different now. Shen Zhou had come to Gu Lian to solve the problem again, so Shen Zhou had to lose a piece of meat.

“Are you asking me to control the comments? I definitely can’t ban netizens and delete videos.” After all, Llife was developed because of netizens. Mo Yu definitely could not forget her roots.

“There’s no need to delete the video, and there’s no need to control the comments.” Gu Lian tapped his finger on the desk again.

Mo Yu’s eyes lit up. “The smartest husband in the world, you already have a solution, right?”

“Shen Zhou only said not to let his sister’s news be on the front page. The sales around ‘Taiji’ have started. Are you afraid that you can’t suppress her? As long as it’s not on the popular front page, understand?”

Mo Yu had already silently begun to applaud Gu Lian in her heart. This move was really ruthless!

Indeed, Shen Zhou’s request was to not let Mo Xue’s news appear on the front page again. Couldn’t she just cover it with other more attractive content?

Gu Corporation’s merch sales, Llife’s online shopping mall, city-wide distribution services…

Any news would cause a sensation. Who would care about Mo Xue’s matter?

Before Mo Yu could agree, her cell phone received a notification of a million yuan.

Mo Yu widened her eyes and looked at Gu Lian. Before she could ask, Gu Lian spoke first. “I’ve already agreed on your behalf. Has it been transferred?”

Mo Yu nodded hard, unable to hide the excitement in her eyes..

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