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Chapter 435 - Chapter 435: Invitation

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Chapter 435: Invitation

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After hearing Su Fei’s words, Su Zhen also felt that they had been schemed against by the Zheng Family. He said angrily, “I was wondering why the Zheng


Family was so kind as to give all the projects to us. So they were planning this.”

Su Fei’s eyes flashed with a sharp glint. She did not really want to care about Su Lin’s life or death, but she had no choice. The Su Family was now her backing, so if the Su Family fell, she would naturally lose a helper.

Su Fei said to Su Zhen, “Dad, go back first. I’ll think of a way to deal with

Brother. As for the Zheng family, I’ll make them pay the price.”

With Su Fei’s guarantee, Su Zhen returned with a little peace of mind.

Lin Yin listened to the report and smiled in her heart. Did Su Zhen think that this matter could be resolved by finding Su Fei?

She did not expect Su Zhen, who had lived for decades, to become so naive.

This time, Lin Yin had directly pushed the matter to the Anti-corruption Bureau, and the evidence was conclusive.

“Secretary Li, help me make an appointment with Lu Ming. We have some cooperation to discuss with the Lu Corporation,” Lin Yin said to Li Sheng.

Li Sheng looked at Lin Yin in confusion and asked uncertainly, “President Lin, is there a need to be so official about meeting President Lu?”

In Li Sheng’s opinion, if Lin Yin wanted to see Lu Ming, wasn’t it just a phone call?

Lin Yin glanced at Li Sheng angrily and said, “This is official business. It has to be official, understand?”

Li Sheng nodded as if he understood, but he still said, “President Lin, according to the normal procedures, if we ask President Lu out, it might not be as fast as your call.”

“Secretary Li, you seem to be a little talkative?” Lin Yin sized Li Sheng up with an unfathomable gaze.

Li Sheng immediately shut up and smiled awkwardly. “I’ll arrange it immediately.”

On the Lu Corporation’s side, Shen Yu was slightly stunned for a few seconds when he saw the Shisheng Corporation among the invitations.

Especially when he saw the word Lin Yin, Shen Yu was at a loss. He glanced at Lu Ming, who was dealing with work.

If Miss Lin Yin wanted to see CEO Lu, wouldn’t it be a matter of minutes? With his understanding of Lu Ming, if Lin Yin wanted to see Lu Ming the next second, Lu Ming might fly back from overseas.

So, what was Miss Lin Yin playing at?

Was it a stinky couple’s fun?

Unable to guess, Shen Yu sent the electronic invitation letter for Lin Yin to meet Lu Ming to Lu Ming’s phone. Then, he stood beside Lu Ming and said softly, “CEO Lu, Miss Lin Yin wants to see you.”

Lu Ming looked up and frowned as if he did not hear her clearly. “What are you talking about?”

If Yinyin wanted to see him, she could have just called. Why did she need Shen Yu to convey it?

Shen Yu looked at Lu Ming steadily, then pointed at the cell phone in Lu Ming’s office innocently and said, “CEO Lu, look at your phone.”

Lu Ming looked at his office phone in confusion, then picked it up and turned it on. He really saw that Lin Yin wanted to meet him as the President of the Shisheng Corporation to discuss a collaboration.

Lu Ming was stunned at first, then puzzled. In the end, there was only a doting smile.

Since Yinyin wanted to play like this, he would accompany her.

Lu Ming said to Shen Yu, “Arrange a time. I want to have a good talk with the President of the Shisheng Corporation. Remember, the atmosphere has to be better, understand?”

The atmosphere had to be better. How could it be considered a better atmosphere?

Shen Yu scratched his head. He had arranged so many business meetings for Lu Ming, but Lu Ming had never specially instructed him to look for a place that had a better atmosphere, so he had no experience at all!

Shen Yu agreed with a bitter expression. Just as he was about to make arrangements, he heard Lu Ming say from behind, “Hurry up. It’s best if it’s tonight. By the way, if it’s tonight, you have to arrange a flight back for me now.”

Shen Yu forced a smile. He had been by Lu Ming’s side for so many years, but this was the first time he had seen Lu Ming arrange a cooperation meeting in such a hurry.

However, after Shen Yu looked at his cell phone, he said with a troubled expression, “CEO Lu, we still have a banquet to attend tonight. Are you sure you want to return to the country now?”

Lu Ming looked at Shen Yu with a puzzled expression and even urged, “Of course we’ll postpone the banquet. Do you think this banquet can compare to the cooperation between the Lu Corporation and the World Sheng Corporation?

Secretary Shen, it looks like you still have to improve..”

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