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Chapter 602 - Chapter 602: Chapter 602. Zhuang Xian VS Female Assassin

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Chapter 602: Chapter 602. Zhuang Xian VS Female Assassin

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Zhuang Bai and Zhuang Hang surrounded the three of them behind them. They used their bodies as a barrier, providing the only relatively safe protection in the room.


Zhuang Bai stood at the front and raised his hand to protect Lin En. He looked worriedly at Zhuang Xian, the closest to the fight. He called out anxiously, “Xian’er, come over quickly! Don’t get too close to them!”

Zhuang Ming put down the phone in his hand and looked up. Just as Zhuang Bai was still worried about Zhuang Xian and wanted to pull her over, the female assassin had already broken free from the bodyguards. She held a sharp dagger and was already charging at Zhuang Xian.

Zhuang Bai did not know how powerful Zhuang Xian’s martial arts were. He watched as the female assassin rushed toward his sister. He felt his heart suddenly stop. His eyes widened as he shouted sternly, “Xian ‘er, be careful! Get out of the way!”

However, Zhuang Xian did not move at all. Even the nonchalant expression on her face did not change at all. It was as if she did not hear Zhuang Bai’s warning. She looked at the female assassin charging straight at her, and a vicious glint flashed across her beautiful eyes!

Just as the female assassin was about to stab Zhuang Xian’s neck with the dagger, Zhuang Xian dodged to the side. The blade slashed past her slender neck, barely piercing through the air.

The female assassin’s body was close at hand. Zhuang Xian’s expression was indifferent. She raised her elbow and hit the right side of the female assassin’s face. She kicked her calf. Seeing the female assassin lose her balance and fall to the dining table, Zhuang Xian stepped back and narrowed her eyes. She looked at her dangerously.


The female assassin ignored the pain in her body and her slightly dizzy head. When she heard Zhuang Xian’s voice, which sounded like a god of death, coming from behind her, she reacted quickly and stood up. Blood had already flowed out from the corner of her right lip. This showed how terrifying Zhuang Xian’s seemingly light elbow attack was!

Her attack had failed, but she had suffered two serious injuries. Her brain gradually reacted. She had kicked an iron plate! She looked at Zhuang Xian with a vicious gaze and wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth. She cursed softly.

Zhuang Xian was close to her and saw the shape of her lips. She slowly understood what was going on.

She asked sarcastically, “You’re from Country R, right? Who was the target tonight? Do you have any accomplices outside?”

Naturally, the female assassin would not answer Zhuang Xian’s question. After realizing she could not escape, she sneered at Zhuang Xian and strode forward again! She quietly observed her surroundings from the corner of her eye.

Zhuang Xian understood what was going on. She was unconvinced that she had failed in her first attack and wanted to compete with her to regain some face.

When Zhuang Xian raised her hand to block her attack, she did not forget to remind her out of kindness, “You are not my match! If you want to live tonight, you’d better answer my question truthfully. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude!”

“Cut the crap! Go to hell!”

The female assassin did not waste any time talking to Zhuang Xian. After withdrawing her arm that Zhuang Xian had blocked and suppressed, she opened her mouth and mocked. Her entire attack had no intention of retreating.

Zhuang Xian snorted lightly and retaliated with her fists. Her punches were fierce, and the angle was unusually tricky. After the female assassin took a few punches, she withdrew her leg and wanted to leave the melee position.

But how could Zhuang Xian let her have her way? In this arena with limited fighting range, Zhuang Xian’s close combat skills were the most invincible and fatal!

She did not manage to take more than ten moves from Zhuang Xian.

After being sent flying by Zhuang Xian’s swift and fierce kick, she panted heavily and lay on the ground, barely breathing.

The people standing at the side watching the battle finally reacted. MO Qian’s assistant closed his mouth, half open in surprise, and held the pistol against the female assassin’s head. He shouted in a deep voice, “Don’t move!”

Zhuang Xian retracted her legs and calmly stood up straight. She tidied her clothes, which were a little messy because of the big fight.

The assassin should be glad that Zhuang Xian was only wearing ordinary white casual shoes today!

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