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Chapter 320 - Chapter 320: Who is This Girl? She Actually Knows This!

Surprise! Tyrant’s Little Crybaby Went on a Killing Spree After Being Reborn Koi Carp 3181 Words 2023-09-23 17:02:00
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Chapter 320: Who is This Girl? She Actually Knows This!

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Shen Yaowei ignored Ye Ying’er and kept waving the peachwood dagger in her hand, calmly dealing with this group of troublesome souls.


Ye Ying’er was still staring at Shen Yaowei. “From the looks of it, I know that you were pampered when you were alive. You’ve never suffered anything before, that’s why you said so many innocent words. But it’s okay. After you die, 1 have men here who can slowly torture you. At that time, you’ll taste my days when I was alive over and over again. At that time, you’ll know how ridiculous your words were!”

Shen Yaowei listened to Ye Ying’er laugh loudly. She was sure that there was something wrong with these souls!

“Yao Qingyi, I’ll help you stall for time. Use the array formation passed down in the Imperial Preceptor’s residence in your body to deal with these damn things!” As Shen Yaowei spoke, another wave of spiritual power swept out and wrapped around the neck of a soul.

When Yao Qingyi heard this, he looked at Shen Yaowei in disbelief. “How do you know about the array formation?”

The disciples of the Imperial Preceptor’s residence all had array formations in their bodies. This array formation was a life-saving thing that was really used at a life-and-death moment. This was because not only was this array formation powerful, but it also didn’t need to use spiritual power when activated. Instead, it directly consumed their essence energy.

Moreover, it would take time to activate this array formation. During this period of time, they couldn’t be disturbed by anyone or anything. Otherwise, they would suffer a backlash. If the situation was serious, they might even die on the spot.

This matter was originally a secret in the Imperial Preceptor’s residence. Ordinary people shouldn’t know about it.

Who exactly was this girl? She actually knew this!

Shen Yaowei kicked a soul away and turned to urge him, “Stop talking nonsense and start!”

“Oh…!” Yao Qingyi knew that the situation was serious. He didn’t dare to delay any longer and quickly ran more than ten steps back to distance himself from Shen Yaowei. Then, he held his breath and quickly began to activate the array formation.

He quickly formed a few hand seals. His movements were so fast that they left a few afterimages in the air. Boundless power swept out, turning into a barrier that protected him first. As he muttered, a circular array formation rose from under his feet.

A scorching light appeared on the array formation. Boundless power poured out like a tide, slowing down the speed of the souls.

Shen Yaowei seized the opportunity. The peachwood dagger in her hand flashed and cut off half of Young Master Li’s head.

Young Master Li reached out and caught half of the head. The mouth on the remaining half of the head opened and let out a sharp cry of fear.

Shen Yaowei smiled evilly and kicked half of Young Master Li’s head away.

Seeing that Young Master Li was hurriedly chasing after the head, Shen Yaowei raised her hand and made a hand seal. She took out a few clone talismans. “Clones, come out!”

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Three clones who looked exactly like Shen Yaowei appeared.

Ye Ying’er looked at this scene in surprise. She looked at the three clones carefully and realized that they were clones after all. Their movements were stiff and their workmanship was a little rough. They looked quite different from the real Shen Yaowei.

Ye Ying’er was immediately relieved. She looked at Shen Yaowei and sneered. “There’s no way to deceive these servants under me with these damn things.”

Shen Yaowei blinked and smiled brightly. “Don’t worry, 1 didn’t summon my clone to deceive them..”

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