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Chapter 319 - Chapter 319: What Did You Do?

Surprise! Tyrant’s Little Crybaby Went on a Killing Spree After Being Reborn Koi Carp 3042 Words 2023-09-23 17:02:00
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Chapter 319: What Did You Do?

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No, it wasn’t just Wan Yuiang. It should be said that the strength of the group of souls in front of him was terrifying!


Logically speaking, after Wan Yuiang and the others were killed by Ye Ying’er, their souls were extracted and imprisoned in this space. They were all puppets of Ye Ying’er. They usually didn’t even have consciousness, let alone cultivate. Even the resentment from the deaths of the victims who usually died in the space was given to Ye Ying’er.

After devouring the resentment of Ye Ying’er, it could only make their strengths slightly stronger than ordinary souls.

No wonder Yao Qingyi was sent flying just now. The strength of these vengeful spirits far exceeded their imagination!

“Hehehe, it’s your turn!” Wan Yuiang glared. The corners of his mouth were raised high as he laughed crazily. He raised his arm and smashed it towards Shen Yaowei’s face.

I’he peachwood dagger in her hand swept across and pierced Wan Yulang’s arm.

“Ah!” Wan Yulang’s entire body trembled like a sieve as he raised his injured arm and let out an ear-piercing scream.

I’he demonic sound pierced her ears. Shen Yaowei chanted a calming curse in her heart. With a raise of her hand, a stream of spiritual power swept out and wrapped around Wan Yulang’s neck!

Wan Yuiang was like a wild dog that was tied up. He pulled the rope but was powerless to struggle. His nails tore and bled with all his might. In rhe end, his body fell to the ground weakly and was suppressed by the spiritual qi to the point of being unable to get up.

The remaining souls didn’t know fear when they saw this scene. They still surged towards Shen Yaowei at rhe same time. Their sharp claws attacked, as if they wanted to tear her apart at rhe same rime.

Shen Yaowei rapped her roes and distanced herself from the souls as she retreated. The peachwood dagger in her hand kept flashing, and each time, it could tie the neck of a soul.

However, there were too many souls. They attacked like a wave, forcing Shen Yaowei to retreat non-stop. She tried her best, but she could only tear out a breakthrough.

“Hehehehe…” At this moment, Ye Ying’er’s disdainful laughter came from afar.

Shen Yaowei looked up and saw Ye Ying’er standing behind the souls.

With a sweep of her hands, more than a dozen souls swept out. These souls instantly filled the gap that had been tom open. The souls turned into a wall and pounced at them.

Yao Qingyi arrived in time and fought with the souls with all her might. Soon, wounds appeared on her body. “Damn it, why are these damn things so powerful? We can’t destroy them directly. If this continues, we’ll be exhausted to death by these damn things sooner or later!”

Ye Ying’er, what did you do?” Shen Yaowei suppressed her strength to 30% and maintained a strength comparable to Yao Qingyi’s. She resisted the souls and didn’t let these damn things hurt her at all.

Logically speaking, these souls would definitely not be so difficult to deal with! It could be seen that Ye Ying’er must have done something unspeakable!

‘Hehehehe… Haven’t you always been very smart? In that case, you can guess. If you can guess correctly, I can spare your cheap life. On the other hand, if you’re wrong, I’ll kill you like 1 killed these people and extract your soul so that you can become one of them. Do you know how I’ll torture you when the time comes?’1 Ye Ying’er smiled slowly. A teasing light appeared in her scarlet eyes as she looked at Shen Yaowei as if she was looking at something interesting..

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