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Chapter 144 - Chapter 144: The Powerful Nobles of Dashang

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Chapter 144: The Powerful Nobles of Dashang

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A massive, terrifying fluctuation surged over from the horizon as if a river bursting its banks, instantly flooding the void within a radius of several hundred miles.

In an extremely distant place, three small black dots were rapidly enlarging.

Only when they drew closer could one clearly see they were three demonic beasts!

On the left was a black dragon.

Its body was hundreds of feet long, and it seemed to be made of steel.

Under the sunlight, each scale shone with a cold luster.

The demonic beast in the middle was an azure ape.

The Green Ape’s body was very burly, like a small green mountain standing there. Its entire body was filled with blood and Qi, shaking the void.

On the right, there was a white goshawk with a single horn on its head, green lightning flashing about the horn.

When it flapped its wings, the sound of wind and thunder howled in all directions.

These three demonic beasts were all very powerful.

Each of them was at the Spirit Sea Realm!

At this moment, three Spirit Sea Realm demonic beasts appeared in the sky. Their terrifying auras almost suffocating.

There was a figure standing on top of each of the three demonic beasts.

Their expressions were indifferent, but their eyes contained a hint of killing intent as they stared coldly at Su Chen who was not far away.

“Cackle cackle cackle… Su Chen! Your time of death is here!”

Elder Wang stood on the dragon’s horn and looked at Su Chen, who was not far away, and let out a wild laugh.

They had painstakingly chased after Su Chenchen for so long and finally caught up to him before he entered Qingzhou.

“Cackle, my Everlasting Sect’s disciples aren’t that easy to kill! In the entire Dachu Empire, no matter who kills our Everlasting Sect disciples, they must pay in blood!”

Elder Mo said.

The killing intent on his body was especially terrifying, almost condensing into substance.

The flowers, grass, and trees on the ground below also crumbled into powder silently.

“Oh? You’re saying that anyone who kills your Everlasting Sect’s disciples in the Dachu Empire will have to pay with their lives? Then may 1 ask if that includes the Dachu Empire?”

Su Chen wore a purple robe and stood quietly in place. He looked at Elder Mo and said with a smile.


When Elder Mo heard this, his tone froze.

“Since no one said anything, I’ll start spreading rumors.”

Su Chen stared at him without changing his expression and said.

As soon as he finished speaking, the elder beside Elder Mo said, “The two of you, there’s no need to waste words on him. This place is close to Qingzhou. Many experts are on their way to Qingzhou to kill Fahui of the Little Thunderclap Temple… If we don’t make a move now, I’m afraid things will change if we delay any longer!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he urged the demonic beast under his feet.


The white goshawk immediately emitted divine light from its body, as if an ancient azure phoenix had descended from the sky.

Before it completely landed, a monstrous and terrifying fluctuation unfurled.

The ground below continuously trembled.

A horrifying rift swiftly spread out in all directions.

“Nephew, remember, your life is more important!”

Seeing this, Elder Chen called out a reminder.

As soon as he finished speaking, he took a step forward.


A longsword appeared in his hand, his entire person transforming into a ray of divine light shooting out to meet the white goshawk.

The moment the two sides clashed, they entered intense combat.

All kinds of divine radiance shot towards the heavens, instantly drowning the sky and earth.

“Cackle, cackle… Kid, where’s your Spirit Sea Realm puppet?”

Elder Mo laughed coldly.

He knew that Su Chen had a Spirit Sea Realm puppet as his trump card.

From the very beginning, he had been on guard against Su Chen’s killer trump card.

At this moment, he and Elder Wang attacked together, one on the left and right, staying very far apart, not giving Su Chen a chance to utilize his puppet to block.

“As you wish.”

Su Chen stood where he was and said calmly.

As soon as he finished speaking, he lightly waved his sleeve, and a black light flew out, carrying the terrifying aura of the Spirit Sea Realm as it shot toward Elder Mo.

The puppet had no feelings at all. The moment it attacked, it utilized a killing move. The terrifying might shook the void within a hundred miles.

For a moment, the universe shook, and a terrifying aura surged out in all directions.

“Looks like you will still die in my hands in the end!”

Elder Wang smiled sinisterly.

His eyes were filled with killing intent as he charged at Su Chen.

Beside him, a flood dragon roared at the sky. Its burly body was like a great wall, giving people a tremendous impact.


In the distance, a white-robed middle-aged man watched the battle and said with a smile, “I didn’t expect to see a good show here.”

“Oh? What did Marquis Wu’an see?”

Beside him was a young man.

He looked to only be a little over twenty years old, but his eyes were very world-weary.

When he heard Marquis Wu’an’s words, curiosity rose between his brows.

“Six experts at the late stage of the Spirit Sea Realm seem to be fighting within the territory of the Dachu Empire…”

Marquis Wu’an said with a strange expression.


When the young man heard this, his face was filled with surprise.

He looked in the direction of Marquis Wu’an’s gaze, and the mocking look in his eyes slowly faded away. His expression gradually turned solemn.

“Marquis Wu’an, you might have misjudged… Those are not six experts at the Spirit Sea Realm! If I’m not mistaken, they should be the three elders of the Everlasting Sect of Dachu, an expert at the late stage of the Spirit Sea Realm, a puppet at the Spirit Sea Realm, and… A prodigy in the initial stage of the Spirit Sea Realm! Look at his aura… It seems he hasn’t been at this level for long!”

The Everlasting Sect’s symbol was too eye-catching.

The two of them were powerful nobles of Dashang.

Although they didn’t pay too much attention to affairs in Dachu, they were still very clear about the sect forces in Dachu.

The strengths of those three Everlasting Sect elders weren’t weak, and their battle prowess was quite good. There was nothing worth paying attention to.

However, the young man at the initial stage of the Spirit Sea Realm was a little different.

Fighting against experts at the late stage of the Spirit Sea Realm with the strength of the initial stage of the Spirit Sea Realm.

Moreover, his opponents were Spirit Sea Realm experts of the Everlasting Sect’s beast-taming lineage!

In a certain sense, the young man was fighting against two experts at the later stage of the Spirit Sea Realm at the same time with just his own strength!

This was a little unbelievable!

“Marquis Changping truly lives up to your reputation, discerning the crux of the matter with a single glance. I am inferior to you in this aspect!”

Marquis Wu’an took a deep look at the battlefield before chuckling.

If not for Marquis Changping speaking up, he might have made a mistake.

After all, the three battlefields in the distance were all evenly matched.

If one did not look carefully, it was easy to mistake it for three evenly-matched experts fighting.

“It is unexpected that there is such a powerful prodigy within Dachu’s territory… He fought against late-stage Spirit Sea Realm experts from the Everlasting Sect’s beast-taming lineage with his initial-stage Spirit Sea Realm cultivation.. No matter what the final outcome is, his name will definitely spread throughout the entire Dachu Empire!”

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