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Chapter 264 - Chapter 264: Chapter 264. Doing Business

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Chapter 264: Chapter 264. Doing Business

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“Look, Master’s words are so nice.”


Xiao Qi was overjoyed by Master’s words and kept her little head under Master’s hand. Master’s hand was so soft!

It liked the name Lucky Beast!

“Lucky beast? This is the first time I’ve heard of it. It’s quite fun.”

Ji Shuisheng felt that seeing Xiao Qi’s happy look was fun. He could not help but imitate Su Qing and touch Xiao Qi. His hands were very rough after practicing martial arts all year round. As soon as he touched Xiao Qi’s head, she bared her teeth at him fiercely.

“This little fellow has quite a character.”

Ji Shuisheng was amused when he saw her baring her teeth at him. He kept calling Xiao Qi’ little fellow’ until she rolled her eyes at him.

“Hahaha.” Ji Shuisheng thought that this little fellow was too cute and laughed loudly.

After fooling around for a while, they continued on their way. On the way, Su Qing told Ji Shuisheng about Yeluchun.

“Shuisheng, I met Yeluchun in Tartan. He is the third prince of Tartan.”

“Oh, Yeluchun is a prince?”

Ji Shuisheng was shocked when he heard that. When they met in Tacheng, he had already felt that he was not ordinary, but he did not expect him to be the Third Prince of Tartan.

“Yes, I’ve agreed with him. The day after tomorrow, we’ll deliver the goods at the border of Tartan. I’ll give him coal, and he’ll give me leather and cattle.”

Ji Shuisheng rode beside Su Qing’s carriage and smiled as he took out a black jade waist token. “Then this waist token of mine is useless.” Su Qing nodded and told Ji Shuisheng about her agreement with Yeluchun.

“What is this?”

Su Qing took the token. It still had Ji Shuisheng’s body temperature, and a majestic Qilin was on it.

“The Queen of Tartan gave it to me. It’s a waist token that allows me to enter Tartan freely.”

Ji Shuisheng explained to Su Qing. Su Qing raised her eyebrows and asked him with interest, “Why did the Empress give you a token?”

“I saved her children. This is the reward I earned.”

Ji Shuisheng’s starry eyes were like the vast ocean as he looked at Su Qing affectionately.

“I used the medicine you gave me to save the Second Prince. Strictly speaking, you earned back the hundred gold taels.”

“You saved the Second Prince?” How could it be such a coincidence? Su Qing found it unbelievable.

Ji Shuisheng thought she did not know about the internal conflict between the First and Second Prince, so he explained it to her in detail.

“Yes, I don’t know what happened, but the First and Second Princes fought to the death. He raised that human demon, and when the human demon attacked the Second Prince, 1 shot an arrow to save him. Later, the Second Prince was seriously injured, so I gave him the medicine you gave me. I saved the Second Prince’s life in exchange for this waist token.”

“You killed the human demon?”

Su Qing looked at Ji Shuisheng with a complicated gaze. It turned out that Shuisheng killed the human demon. No wonder the person who performed the ritual ran away.

“Yes, what’s wrong?”

Ji Shuisheng saw that Su Qing’s expression was strange and asked her. Su Qing shook her head. “I’m fine.

Do you know why the First Prince and the Second Prince fought?”

Su Qing looked at Ji Shuisheng with a faint smile. Ji Shuisheng immediately reacted when he saw her smile. “It’s you?”

Su Qing nodded.

“Yes, I went to the Second Prince and told him that the First Prince wanted to kill him with a human demon. They started fighting when the First Prince brought his troops to capture me. I even sent the East Wind to help them burn the fire. Unfortunately, you killed the human demon, causing me to be only one step away from capturing the person who did the ritual.”

H j H

Ji Shuisheng was highly annoyed.

“Forget it; this is good too. They won’t attack Mo City for a while now that Tartan is in chaos. With this waist token, we can freely enter and leave Tartan and earn money first.”

Su Qing wasn’t someone who liked to regret. Since things had happened, she accepted it calmly.

“Alright, as long as that mage is in Tartar, we can capture him sooner or later. Leave that altar; I will send someone to watch it.”

Ji Shuisheng made up for his mistakes and secretly decided to catch the person behind the scenes.

With Ji Shuisheng’s waist token, Su Qing did not have to wait until the day after tomorrow to go to Tartan to trade with the Third Prince. The coal cart did not enter Mo City and went directly to Tartan.

“Xiaoying, when you return, tell Boss Yang to wait for us for two days.”

Su Qing instructed Xiaoying to return to the city with Li Daniu and the rest.

“Alright, be careful.”

Xiaoying nodded in agreement. She knew that Sister Su Qing and Big Brother’s trip to Tartan was of great importance, so she did not bring it up. If she went along, she would be a burden and implicate Big Brother and Sister Su Qing.

“Yes, pull the pig back.”

Su Qing nodded and asked Li Daniu, Jiang Laoqi, and the others to unload the wild boar meat. Ji Shuisheng’s horse was left for them to use. It was not far from the city gate anyway.

Su Qing and Ji Shuisheng drove five coal carts across the border between the two countries and went all the way into Tartan.

On the way, Ji Shuisheng seeing a patrolling Tartan soldier would take out his waist tag. That waist tag was an item of the royal family. Although the Tartan soldiers were curious as to why the Han people would have an item of their royal family, they still had to let them go since they saw the waist tag.

The two of them had discussed this on the way here. They could not reveal the trace of Yeluchun. They could not let the empress know that Ji Shuisheng knew Yeluchun. Since he was a prince, the empress was afraid of him.

Ji Shuisheng first drove the carriage to the market and waited. Su Qing quietly went to find Yeluchun. According to their agreement, Yeluchun sent someone to pretend to be a merchant to collect their goods and give them cattle, sheep, and skins.

When Su Qing arrived at Yeluchun’s camp, she had already returned to her maiden appearance. No one could recognize that she was the culprit who had provoked the First Prince and Second Prince’s internal strife.

Seeing that it was a Han girl looking for the Third Prince, the soldiers told her to wait outside. When the Third Prince heard that it was a Han girl looking for him, he thought it was Su Qing. However, it was pretty strange. He and Su Qing had agreed to hand over the goods the day after tomorrow. Why did she come two days earlier?

Yeluchun hurriedly came out to welcome her. He was wearing the roe deer of the Tartan royal family today. His black robe was embroidered with pythons, and the gold belt around his waist was noble. When he saw Su Qing, he immediately revealed a warm smile and let her into the yurt.

“Miss Su, please come in.”


Su Qing and Yeluchun’s business was a secret. She nodded and followed Yeluchun into the yurt.

“The medicine Miss Su gave my mother is effective. She wants to see her savior.”

Yeluchun invited Su Qing into his mother’s yurt and greeted her in advance.

He had been giving Mother the medicine that Su Qing had left behind last time. The poison had already been mostly cured. Mother could now eat some liquid food, and her complexion improved daily. Now, she could even sit up with a pillow.

Yeluchun was incredibly grateful to Su Qing and gave her the highest courtesy. He lifted the curtain for Su Qing and respectfully invited her into the yurt.

Su Qing stepped into the yurt. The temperature in the room drove away the coldness on her body. The yurt was filled with hot air. The woman she had treated last time was sitting on a soft couch and smiling at her.

Her face was very ruddy, and she looked demure and gentle as she sat there with a smile. Her smile was as warm as the spring breeze, giving people a pleasant feeling.

Yeluchun’s mother’s eyes lit up when she saw the woman her son had invited into the house. What a beautiful girl. She was a perfect match for her son..

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