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Chapter 1194 - 1194 Personal Autopsy

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1194 Personal Autopsy

Xue Fanxin did not argue with Sang Ruoxin anymore. Instead, she looked at the elders in front of her and cupped her fists towards them. “Elders, teachers, please allow me to perform the autopsy myself.”

“Are you doubting Doctor Mo’s ability?” an elder suddenly questioned. His tone clearly carried anger and disgust. Hearing these words, he was clearly standing up for Sang Ruoxin.

At this moment, another elder said, “Since she wants to look, let her look. After all, she’s the one who’s suspected. It’s reasonable for her to be in a hurry to prove her innocence. Elder Sang, do you think this little girl can do a cheap trick in front of so many of us?”


“Isn’t it just letting her see the corpse? Do you have to waste time arguing over such a small matter? Xue Fanxin, if you want to look at them, then look quickly. But if you dare to cause trouble under our noses, don’t blame us for being impolite.”

“The innocent are clean, and the corrupt are corrupt. I’m not a murderer, so there’s naturally no need to do anything. Elders, don’t worry. I just want to find new clues and prove my innocence.” Xue Fanxin did not say anything else. She walked towards the corpses and started the autopsy.

These people had indeed had their hearts dug out and died. Apart from that, there were no other fatal injuries on their bodies. As for the marks left behind by scratching, they were not a big problem.

No, things were definitely not that simple.

Xue Fanxin took out her silver needles and wanted to insert them into the corpse. Unexpectedly, Sang Ruoxin came to cause trouble again.

“Xue Fanxin, what do you want? Why are you taking out needles? Do you want to destroy some evidence?”

“It’s just an ordinary needle. Do you have to have such a huge reaction? Sang Ruoxin, you’ve been stopping me from touching these corpses time and time again. Could it be that their deaths are related to you? What are you trying to hide?” Xue Fanxin repelled Sang Ruoxin with two or three words, then applied the needles to the corpses and circulated her spirit energy to check the situation in the dead person’s body.

In this way, she really discovered some clues.

Just as Xue Fanxin was carefully checking the situation in the dead person’s body, Elder Sang scolded her again. “Xue Fanxin, do you want to destroy the corpse? Doctor Mo quickly stop her. Don’t let her destroy the evidence.”

Doctor Mo, who was standing by the side, was already shocked when Xue Fanxin took out the silver needles. When he saw Xue Fanxin use the needles, he was even more shocked. He looked at the needles in her hand in a daze and looked at the mysterious acupuncture technique. That had already completely exceeded his understanding.

Although he did not know what acupuncture technique it was, he was certain that this acupuncture technique was definitely extraordinary.

“Little girl, what acupuncture technique is that?” Doctor Mo did not stop Xue Fanxin according to Elder Sang’s words. Instead, he asked excitedly about the acupuncture technique.

Xue Fanxin put away the silver needles and replied politely, “It’s just a small trick. It’s not worth mentioning.”


Was this just a small trick?

Just as Doctor Mo was about to continue asking about the acupuncture technique, Xue Fanxin changed the topic and got down to business. “Although these five people had their hearts dug out and died, before they died, 30 to 50% of their blood essence and spirit energy had been absorbed. Because not much blood essence and spirit energy had been sucked away, and it had been sucked away when they were alive, there were not many traces left after their deaths. Coupled with the obvious wound of having their hearts dug out, it’s very easy for people to accidentally enter a blind spot and think that the reason they died is because their hearts had been dug out .”

Hearing Xue Fanxin’s words, Doctor Mo did another examination on the dead. The result was exactly the same as Xue Fanxin’s. However, at this moment, he was not thinking about the dead, but Xue Fanxin.

This little girl had actually noticed that the dead person’s blood essence and spirit energy had been sucked away. She was not simple!

Even if Xue Fanxin found a new clue, Sang Ruoxin still refused to let go. “So what if 30 to 50% of their blood essence and spirit energy has been sucked away? Is this enough to clear your name?”

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