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Chapter 106 - The Mysterious Desert Inn

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Chapter 106: The Mysterious Desert Inn

“The Purple Cloud Sect, they are the disciples of the Purple Cloud Sect!”

The purple cloud on their chests was the symbol of the Purple Cloud Sect.

Hearing this, everyone hurriedly cleared a path for them.

They were the third generation disciples of the Purple Cloud Sect. They had accepted a sect mission to collect materials, so they came to the periphery of the thousand-mile Red Cliff together.

A female disciple of the Purple Cloud Sect glanced at the reactions of the loose crowd of cultivators and slightly frowned.

“Senior Brother Zidian! Master said to be careful when we go out. Isn’t it not good for us to be so high-profile?”

“Junior Sister Yun’er, Senior Brother is now a high-level Golden Core cultivator. Besides, who dares to show hostility towards our Purple Cloud Sect disciples? Junior Sister, don’t think too much. Let Senior Brother Zidian handle it!”

The principle of not revealing one’s wealth was so simple, it was odd how these guys did not even know it.

“We have just entered the periphery of the Red Cliff. It’s still not appropriate to attract the attention of others at this time. If…”

Hearing this, everyone seemed to have realized something.

Seeing this, another female disciple hurriedly pulled her sleeve, indicating for her to stop talking.

“Senior Brother Zidian, what do you think?”

Hearing this, a trace of haze flashed in the eyes of the person with the cultivation named Zidian.

Originally, he had wanted to show off in front of his Junior Sister, but he did not expect that he would actually hit the horse’s hooves.

Hmm! We’ll see.

The moment he turned his head, he changed into a more gentle expression.

His gentle gaze sneaked a glance at the female disciple. Seeing that she seemed to be a little unhappy, he stepped out to smooth things over.

“Haha! Junior Sister Yun’er’s words make sense. It’s just Senior Brother’s recklessness.”

“However, Senior Brother’s action is also to obtain a place to stay. Senior Brothers and Junior Sisters don’t want to spend the night in the Red Cliff’s sandstorm, right?”

Hearing this, the Purple Cloud Sect female disciple named Yun’er did not say anything more.

Although a cultivator would not die even if they stayed in the Red Cliff’s sandstorm for a night, when they thought about the scorpions and poisonous snakes that would occasionally emerge from the sand, they undoubtedly felt more comfortable staying in an inn.

Although the group of itinerant cultivators were interested in the original Clear Wind Pill, they could not help but sigh inwardly as their positions were too far back to trade a spot in the inn.

At this moment, a young voice came from the front.

“I’m the first one. I’m willing to exchange it with you for medicinal pills!”

“Hand over the money and hand over the goods. This bottle of medicinal pills belongs to me. I’ll sell my position to you.”

The one who spoke was a young cultivator who was dressed in ordinary clothes and had an average appearance.

The strength of the young cultivator was not conspicuous among the crowd. He had only reached the early stage of the Foundation Establishment Stage.

The reason why he was able to obtain such a high position was not because of his weak cultivation, but because he had eaten this bowl of medicinal pills.

The young man’s name was Li Xiaoyao. He often mingled at the outskirts of the red cliff and usually ran errands for people to earn some living expenses.

Today, he arrived outside the Desert Inn before dawn. Of course, he did not want to stay at the inn. He just wanted to earn some money by trading with others.

He also did not expect to encounter such a magnificent deal today.

Seeing the gazes of the crowd, a mischievous look appeared on the young man’s face.

“Ahem! Are you going to change that? If not, I’m leaving.”

The young man’s original intention was that if no one changed, then he would leave. After all, he did not actually have the money to go in and stay at the inn.

But when the others heard this, they thought that he was going to go in and register.

Because it was the young cultivator’s turn to enter the inn.

“Change, of course I’ll change!”

Zidian brought a group of purple cloud sect disciples and swaggered through the crowd.

“Count them. Three Clear Wind Pills, no more, no less!”

The youth took the jade bottle and shook his head.

After he took the pills, he did not even look at them and hurriedly left the Desert Inn.

These sect disciples had extraordinary strength and had the support of the sect behind them, so they were naturally not afraid of some petty people. However, the youth was not only weak but also had no background to speak of. If he did not escape before everyone regained their senses.., it would probably be very difficult for them to leave later.

“Junior Sister, let’s go in!”

The people from the Purple Cloud Sect withdrew their gazes and immediately entered the inn.

They had just stepped through the main door when a commotion broke out behind them.

“Tsk, tsk! That young man was lucky. He relied on his position to obtain a bottle of grade two medicinal pills.”

“It’s hard to say whether it’s a blessing or a curse. It was the wisest choice for him to leave just now.”

“I feel that he was very unwise from the start.”

Among the originally crowded crowd in front of the Desert Inn, a few teams quietly left.

Everyone saw it, but did not say anything.

The strong preyed on the weak. Survival of the fittest was the iron law of the cultivation world.

Without sufficient ability, one could lose their life at any time, let alone lose a possession or object.

A man turned his head and found that a few people had suddenly squeezed in front of him.

“Damn it, who squeezed me out? It’s clearly going to be me soon.”

“You pushed me, you’re courting death!”

“Come on! If I don’t beat you to shit today, I, dopey Li, will write my name upside down.”

Because of a small interlude, the scene in front of the inn became chaotic for a moment.

Some took the opportunity to squeeze in, some punched and kicked, and some sneaked into the inn.



A few figures flew out of the inn.

When everyone heard this, they subconsciously looked up.

An old man carrying a body walked out the inn with a cane.

The old man was dressed in a long cloth robe. His body was so thin that it seemed as if a gust of wind could blow him down. However, he had a pair of eagle-like sharp eyes.

Being stared at by him, everyone felt as if they were being stared at by a terrifying fierce beast, as if they were sitting on pins and needles.

The previously chaotic scene also became completely silent because of the appearance of the old man.

“Cough, cough!”

“Enter according to the rules. Whoever breaks the rules must be prepared to pay with their lives.”

The old man coughed loudly a few times, and a trace of blood suddenly appeared on his pale face.

“Alright, continue to line up!”

As the old man’s weak voice fell, the outside of the inn suddenly became orderly.

A Foundation Establishment stage cultivator cupped his fists toward another cultivator with a bruised face.

“This Daoist brother, please go first. I was too reckless just now. I apologize to you here.”

“No, no. It’s a good thing for cultivators to spar occasionally. It doesn’t count as a grudge.”

“Daoist brother, Please!”

“No, no, no, you go first!”

Everyone: “…”

The two people who had been fighting for a seat just now actually gave way in front of everyone.

Those who did not know the situation would have genuinely assumed that their relationship was so good.

The old man glanced around and then slowly retreated back to the inn.

After his cough disappeared, everyone slowly let out a sigh of relief.

But after the warning just now, everyone obediently lined up and no one dared to play any more tricks.

Outside the Desert Inn.

Everyone neatly lined up in a long line.

What no one noticed was that a pair of bright eyes on a thick cloud in the sky had already taken in everything that had happened just now.

“Hmm! Interesting, interesting.”

“A cultivator in the Ascension Realm actually appeared in the inn on the outskirts of Red Cliff.”

One had to know that a cultivator in the Tribulation Realm could already establish a sect, and a cultivator in the Ascension Realm could be considered a powerful existence. For such a powerful cultivator to appear in an inn, one had to think deeply.

Su Xing’s figure was faintly discernible in the clouds, as if he was attracted by the Desert Inn beneath his feet.

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