Aristocratic Shocking Love: The First Lady

Author:Beauty Jiang
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Latest update: 2023-09-20

He is indifferent but wise, a noble, soldier, an elite who calls the shots.

She is a naïve girl who was reborn to punish sluts and destroy scums and most of all, to become a top notch designer!

He isn’t used to innocent girls with sparkling eyes playing pranks on him. Her beguiling eyes have charmed him and he isn’t letting her go anywhere!

Officer Yu narrows his eyes and says coldly, “I will definitely get you, even if I have to abduct you!"

Designer Gu smiles lazily, “I don't need love in this life!"

Officer Yu threatens to ban everything. “I am the one who gets to decide whether you need love or not!”

A male lead who is cold and dominating but dotes foolishly on his wife!

《Aristocratic Shocking Love: The First Lady》CHAPTER LIST