Surprise! Tyrant’s Little Crybaby Went on a Killing Spree After Being Reborn

Author:Koi Carp
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Shen Yaowei was an idiot her entire life, and was finally sent to death by the person she trusted the most. After being reborn, Shen Yaowei was no longer silly. She just wanted to cling to the future tyrant and live a life of luxury. Possessing almighty skills and being known as a foolish girl, Shen Yaowei pretended to be an idiot and went on a killing spree, abusing the scumbag until he cried for his mommy and daddy. Anyone who stopped her from clinging onto the tyrant would have to die. Soon, everyone discovered that the frightening Prince Li, who had always been a loner, had changed. There was always a small shadow following behind him. “Ninth Uncle… I don’t have the strength to walk. I want you to carry me…” the little shadow spread her arms towards His Highness, looking pitiful. “Yaoyao, I’m strong so I’ll carry you!” her elder brother, leader of the martial arts alliance, arrived at the battlefield instantly. “No, I’m stronger! I’ll do it!” her second brother, a miracle doctor, came forward. Then her third brother, fourth brother, fifth brother… All the bigshots had arrived, asking for hugs and to let them carry her. “All of you, get lost! That’s my darling daughter, so I’ll carry her!” Her father, a great general protecting the country, rushed as fast as possible to Shao Yaowei’s front, only to find that the aloof, noble and peerless prince had already knelt with his back facing Shao Yaowei. “Come on, Yaoyao. I’ll carry you.”

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