My Online Girlfriend Is The Nine Heaven Divine Phoenix

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This was a world where technology and cultivation co-existed.

Lu Ping had been single his whole life. He didn’t have any cultivation resources and all girls hated him.

All he could do was dating a girl he had met online.

However, at his graduation, Lu Ping accidentally exposed his personal information to his girlfriend.

From that moment onwards, his life started to change strangely.

When the two had finally agreed to meet, the Nine Heaven Golden Phoenix suddenly appeared and covered the sun with its wings. Everyone thought that the world was about to end.

Lu Ping drew his sword, ready to defend his home.

“Honey! Stop! It’s me!” Feng Xiaoqi, the phoenix, pleaded.

Lu Ping looked at the phoenix in awe as he dropped his sword.

“We have Xu Xian in the past, and we have Lu Ping in the present! Long live humans!”

“I thought Xu Xian was already unbeatable, who knew Lu Ping was even stronger than him!”

“Lu Ping! You shouldn’t play with a girl’s feelings!”

“He’s right! You have to show her the fine tradition of us humans!”

“What do you need for your wedding gift? We humans can give you anything you wish for!”

Lu Ping looked at his fellow human, completely dumbfounded by the situation.

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