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Chapter 174 - Chapter 174: Team

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Chapter 174: Team

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“Boss, we got first place!” Fu Jie laughed as he barged into the private room with a stack of cash.


When Yu Su heard this, she put down the pen in her hand and said as she rubbed her sore wrist, “Congratulations!”

Xiao Han walked over and handed her a bottle of water. “Thank you for your hard work. After deducting the prize given to Ding Chen and the others, there’s still more than 13,000 dollars left. What do you think we should use this money for?”

“We are all tired after a long day. Let’s go out and have a good meal. After that, we’ll go to the hot spring to relax,” Yu Su said.

“I have no objections. I’ll agree to whatever the boss says!” Fu Jie looked at Yu Su with a smile.

After deciding on the next itinerary, Xiao Han put away the paper and pen on the table and pushed Yu Su out. “There’s no hurry to deduce the answer. Let’s go eat first.”

Yu Su was amused by his actions. “Okay.”

“Yu Su.”

Ye Chang had been waiting in the private room because he wanted to see Yu Su. Unfortunately, Yu Su walked out of the internet cafe without even looking at him.

Ye Chang looked at Yu Su, who was cold to him but was chatting and laughing with Xiao Han, and the unwillingness in his heart began to surge.

Just as he was about to chase after her, Ding Chen, who had been standing beside him, pulled him back.

Ding Chen’s tone was a little cold. “Please respect Yu Su and don’t do anything to make her hate you.”

“I.” Ye Chang wanted to retort, but he didn’t know how to. In the end, he could only say, “Thank you, Ding Chen.”

Ding Chen patted his shoulder and said, “Let’s go eat.”

After Yu Su and the other two finished eating, they found a hot spring hotel to settle the problem of their accommodation. Yu Su soaked in the hot spring while deducing.

An hour later, Yu Su stopped writing and said happily, “I’ve deduced it!”

“!!!” Fu Jie swam over with his eyes wide open and said excitedly, “Boss is mighty. Tell me about it!”

Yu Su gave Xiao Han a look, and Xiao Han immediately called Director Lin to negotiate. After that, he successfully got the photographer to stop filming.

“First of all, we have to build a trustworthy team, and the members of the team have to have sharp operations and flashy positioning.” Yu Su said, “The resources in this dungeon are an important resource for the game character to advance to the next stage. If we really clear it this time, we can rely on this dungeon to make a huge profit for a long time. Regardless of whether we sell this clearing strategy or not, we will definitely make a profit.”

“Yu Su is right. Now that we have a clear strategy, we only lack people we can trust.” Xiao Han nodded in agreement.

Fu Jie was a little worried because this sounded very difficult.

“Let me find someone. 1 have a few good candidates on my side.” Xiao Han took the initiative to take over the job.

Yu Su nodded. “Actually, there’s no need to worry about whether the candidate is trustworthy or not. As long as there’s a suitable candidate, I just need to take a look at his physiognomy. It’s very easy to tell if a person is a villain by their physiognomy. When the time comes, I just need to sign a confidentiality contract.”

Xiao Han and Fu Jie’s eyes lit up at the same time as they nodded crazily.

After discussing, the three of them did not continue talking. After soaking in the hot spring, they went to rest.

Fanyin Entertainment back in their country.

Yu Hong looked at Hu Ying, who was sitting in front of him, and felt an inexplicable panic in his heart.

Hu Ying had been looking at him like this for more than ten minutes. Yu Hong couldn’t help but break the silence. “Mom, why are you free to come over to my place today?”

Usually, Hu Ying would either go shopping with her sisters or go on a trip. She basically would not meet the brothers at the company.

Hu Ying said, “I know everything about Yu Miao,”

“What is it?” Hu Ying’s random words made Yu Hong alarmed.

His mother didn’t usually talk like this. There must be something wrong with her today.

Hu Ying looked at her second son’s gradually nervous expression and was a little angry. When she spoke again, her voice was no longer as calm as before. “Yu Miao bullied her classmate in high school and eventually caused her classmate’s death.”

Yu Hong’s expression changed again and again. “Mom, who told you about this?”

He had personally handled this matter back then and spent a lot of money to get the parents of his classmates to agree to a private reconciliation. Both parties had even signed a confidentiality agreement.

This matter had been well hidden for so many years.. How did his mother, who didn’t care much for anything, know?

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