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Chapter 310 - Chapter 310: She Seems to Treat You Very Differently

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Chapter 310: She Seems to Treat You Very Differently

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The next day.


Shen Yaowei sat by the window and looked at the heavy snow outside. Her face was red from the cold wind that poured in from the window.

After sleeping for the entire night, she didn’t expect to wake up the next day and go straight from summer to winter.

“I’m going out with Mr. Dong later,” Ye Ying’er said to Shen Yaowei. “You don’t have to follow me. Just guard here. Mr. Dong fought with a guest for me and his face was injured by a guest with a knife. I’m going to take him to visit a famous doctor and see if 1 can remove the scar…”

Shen Yaowei closed the window and looked back at Ye Ying’er.

Ye Ying’er’s condition looked different from yesterday. She was wearing a white dress, and her long black hair was loosely tied up with a jade hairpin. Her face was pale and haggard, and there were dark circles under her eyes.

Shen Yaowei guessed that now that time had changed, Ye Ying’er’s condition should be in line with this period.

And Ye Ying’er had specially adjusted the time until now, proving that something special would definitely happen today.

Coincidentally, she needed to stroll around this garden and see if she could find Qi Yuan and the others. Shen Yaowei nodded.

Ye Ying’er smiled at Shen Yaowei. “You have to be good. Don’t think of escaping.”

With that, she took the cloak and put it on, then hurried out of the room.

After listening to Ye Ying’er’s footsteps walk away, Shen Yaowei arrived at the door and was about to step out when she heard a small voice coming from the window.


Shen Yaowei turned around and saw a head popping out from under the window.

“You’re from the Imperial Preceptor’s residence?” Shen Yaowei couldn’t help but be stunned.

Yao Qingyi jumped into the room from outside the window and closed the window. Then, she said to Shen Yaowei, “Miss, please close the door.”

Shen Yaowei retracted her foot and closed the door.

“Miss, how did you enter this illusion?” Yao Qingyi walked up to Shen Yaowei and frowned at her.

Seeing that Yao Qingyi didn’t seem to recognize her, Shen Yaowei was secretly glad. Because Ye Ying’er treated her as her former maid, she now looked like Wan Yue.

However, since Yao Qingyi could tell that she was alive, it was enough to prove that he wasn’t weak.

At that moment, she wanted to be on guard against revealing herself. Shen Yaowei said calmly, “I came in with the Imperial Preceptor.”

“My master came in too!” Yao Qingyi revealed a surprised expression. “May 1 ask where my master is now?”

Shen Yaowei said, “1 was separated from the others after I came in, so 1 don’t know where the Imperial Preceptor is.”

Yao Qingyi clenched her fists and said, “This illusion space is almost tangible and a little strange. I was trapped in the bamboo forest in the courtyard and only came out now. May 1 ask, Miss, I just heard you chatting with Ye Ying’er. She seems to treat you very differently?”

At the end, Yao Qingyi looked at Shen Yaowei with a sharp gaze.

“She treats me as her maid,” Shen Yaowei continued calmly. She felt that Yao Qingyi’s gaze made her very unhappy, and her tone became much colder. “1 don’t think she treats me any differently.”

Hearing the sharpness in Shen Yaowei’s tone, Yao Qingyi smiled and said, “Miss, don’t blame me. 1 only asked out of caution. May 1 ask your name? I’m Yao Qingyi..”

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