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Chapter 134 - Chapter 134: I’ll Give You Two Choices

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Chapter 134: I’ll Give You Two Choices

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“Where is the City Lord of Tianyang City? Why aren’t you coming out to answer?”


There were five people in total, and the one who spoke was a young man.

His manner was very arrogant, full of lofty attitude in his every word and action.

At the same time, he was also the weakest among the five.

But even so, he still possessed the strength at the peak stage of the God Altar

Realm and was only a sliver away from the Spirit Sea Realm

“Who are they?”

“Don’t they know that this is the territory of the Dachu Empire?”

“There’s only one possibility for being so arrogant. They are not afraid of the Dachu Empire at all!”

“Killing tens of thousands of ordinary people in a single move. How ruthless! And demanding the City Lord to personally answer him. It’s almost certain that their background is formidable!”

“Four Spirit Sea Realm elites and one elite at the peak of the God Altar Realm. If not handled properly, it’ll be a disaster for Tianyang City!”

Everyone in Tianyang City was terrified.

Although they hated those five people for being ruthless, they did not dare to show any resentment.

They knew very well that Tianyang City did not have four Spirit Sea Realm experts.

The City Lord of Tianyang City counted as one. It was said that the Su family had three Spirit Sea Realm experts.

However, the previous head of the Su family had already announced that he was in seclusion. Currently, no one knew if he was alive or dead.

On the surface, Tianyang City only had three Spirit Sea Realm warriors.

The previous Head Butler of the Su family was too old, and his strength had declined a lot. At present, he could only rely on spiritual herbs to maintain his cultivation at the Spirit Sea Realm.

Even if he came out of seclusion, it was uncertain if he could defeat that young man at the peak stage of the God Altar Realm in real combat.

In this way, only two and a half top-level forces remained in Tianyang City.

Facing four Spirit Sea Realm elites and one elite at the peak stage of the God Altar Realm, Tianyang City basically had no power to resist.

Now, those who were lucky enough to survive were praying in their hearts that the city lord of Tianyang City would not anger these people.

Otherwise, the few hundred thousand people in Tianyang City could only await their deaths.

Under everyone’s gaze, a middle-aged man in a luxurious robe with a plump figure and a bitter smile ascended into the sky.

He came before the five people and cupped his hands slightly cautiously. He asked, “May 1 ask why you have come to Tianyang City today?”

The City Lord of Tianyang City felt extremely aggrieved.

Tens of thousands of people in his city were slaughtered, but he still had to greet them with a smile.

This felt even worse than killing him.

However, the strength of the five opponents was too terrifying. He definitely could not afford to provoke them alone.

As for the powerhouses of the Dachu Imperial Family, they would not be able to rush over in a short period of time.

He had no choice but to compromise.

“You are the City Lord?”

The young man indifferently glanced at the City Lord of Tianyang City and asked arrogantly.


The City Lord of Tianyang City nodded gently and maintained his saluting posture, but there was a trace of humiliation on his face. He said in a deep voice, “I am Chu Yun, City Lord of Tianyang City under the rule of the Dachu Empire. May I know how to address the five of you?”

In the cultivation world,

In the world of cultivation, normal social interactions involved people bowing in greeting. Even if one didn’t return the gesture, they would at least respond with a word like “you’re excused.”

However, these five people did not say a word after seeing Chu Yun bow, as if this was only natural.

Even someone of Chu Yun’s good temper was finding it hard to endure now.

At this moment, he deliberately mentioned the words ‘the Dachu Empire’ in hopes that they would be more cautious.

After all, the Dachu Empire carried tremendous weight.

There was a Saint Realm expert in the Dachu Empire!

Most of the forces in the East Barrens had to show some respect.

“Our names are not something a mere city lord like you deserves knowing.”

The young man sneered and glanced at Chu Yun with disdain.

He had long seen through Chu Yun’s thoughts, but he was too lazy to expose him.

As soon as he finished speaking, he slowly raised his palm and flicked his finger.


A transparent screen of light instantly appeared.

On the screen emerged a man and a woman.

The man was valiant and extraordinary, while the woman was charming and bewitching.

The two figures together looked well-matched, like a pair of celestial immortals.

“Have you seen these two before? This…”

Chu Yun looked at them carefully, then shook his head and said, “The two of them have never appeared in Tianyang City.”

“It’s best if you haven’t! If you have seen them and hidden the fact, I’m afraid that even the Dachu Empire you speak of won’t be able to protect you!”

The young man said coldly. He glanced at Chu Yun and turned to leave.

However, he continued, “You’d better not doubt my words.”

“I got it.”

Chu Yun replied in a low voice.

The anger in the depths of his eyes almost burst out.

If an expert were to speak to him in such a manner, he could accept it.

After all, the disparity in strength between the two sides was too great. It was reasonable for the other party to be arrogant.

But the problem was…

The young man in front of him was only at the peak stage of the God Altar Realm. Compared to him, the young man was a whole realm lower.

Yet in the end, he was the one being ridiculed by the other.

Anyone with a shred of pride would be unable to endure this.

“Looks like they haven’t been here before. Let’s go.”

The young man turned around and said to the four Spirit Sea Realm warriors.

Hearing this, the four of them nodded and turned to leave.

However, just as they turned around, one of the Spirit Sea Realm warriors suddenly glanced toward the center of Tianyang City. His eyes were deep and he said in a low voice, “Wait a minute! I can feel the aura of the Qin family here!”

“Oh? Is that so?”

When the young man heard this, he stopped in his tracks and slowly turned around. He looked at Chu Yun with a faint smile.

His expression, half-smiling, and half-not, sent shivers down one’s spine.

“City Lord Chu, didn’t you just say that these two people hadn’t appeared in Tianyang City?”

“I don’t understand what you’re talking about! I really haven’t seen the two of them appear!”

At this moment, Chu Yun’s expression turned cold.

At first, he had only planned to send them away politely to avoid greater casualties in Tianyang City.

However, the other party kept pushing him, so he did not plan to continue humoring them.

Even a clay man still had some anger!

“I’ll give you two choices. One, open the formation yourself. Second, we will help you open the formation!”

The young man turned a deaf ear to Chu Yun’s words and said coldly.

If Chu Yun opened the formation himself, things would be fine.

However, if they acted to open the formation, the people in Tianyang City would probably die!

“What if I don’t?”

Chu Yun gritted his teeth and asked.


Just as he finished speaking, four terrifying auras instantly erupted, like the ocean surging, as if four demon gods had descended to stand tall in the sky, seeming to want to destroy everything in the world!

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