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Chapter 273 - Chapter 273: Lost Surveillance Footage

After Being Forced to Become a Bigshot, I Only Want to be Normal Tang Zhou 3170 Words 2023-09-18 17:02:00
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Chapter 273: Lost Surveillance Footage

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Just as everyone’s discussion became more and more intense, the two teachers who had left at the beginning returned.


The two of them rushed back and stood beside the discipline master, panting. At the same time, they glanced at Lu Ning.

“What about the surveillance cameras?”

The young teacher shook his head and muttered, out of breath, “The surveillance cameras, they didn’t catch Lu Ning going to Class 2 or the washroom. but a segment of the surveillance footage was lost.’

Upon hearing this, everyone looked at Lu Ning.

Another teacher raised the bag in his hand and looked at the discipline master. “Lu Ning’s bag is here.”

Without another word, the discipline master snatched it and unzipped all the zippers. Then, she flipped the bag over and began to shake the bag; the items in her bag fell out one by one.

Seeing the teacher’s behavior, Lu Qing frowned.

“Teacher, why are you..

The students of Class 9 surrounded her. When they saw the discipline master’s actions, they were about to say something when they spotted something shiny fall to the ground.

Wu Tian hurriedly shouted, “I saw it! It’s there! An’an’s bracelet!”

Everyone subconsciously leaned closer to take a closer look.

When the discipline master heard this, she casually threw the bag on the ground. Then, she flipped through the books and items scattered on the ground; as expected, she found a sparkling diamond bracelet beside the books.

The discipline master picked up the bracelet.

“It’s really there!”

“No way! Did she really take it?” “She just swore she didn’t take it.”

“She really did such a thing!”

“As expected, when people’s lives change, their character will also change.”

The whispers around them came again. The students of Class 9 surrounded Lu Ning to take a look. Some of them turned their heads to see if Lu Ning had any reaction, but they did not see anything.

Lù  Yue’an staggered in fright. “How could this be! Impossible! It can’t be Sister Ning!”

As she spoke, she spontaneously grabbed Lu Qing’s arm. Lu Qing glanced at her and did not say or do anything.

“What do you have to say for yourselves?”

Zhao Lingling looked at the people from Class 9 and said mockingly.

“This is the person you believe in? All of you must have been bewitched by her! She’s a thief! She did something so disgusting out of jealousy, but you people still defend her! All she has is a charming face! Disgusting!”

“Watch your mouth!”

“Even if it was found in her bag, that doesn’t mean she took it! Now that the surveillance cameras are broken, you can say whatever you want. Perhaps you were the one who put it in?!”

“That’s right! You were the one who put it in. You were so jealous of Lu Ning that you wanted to frame her!”

Zhao Lingling snorted. “Me, jealous of her? I’m jealous of a thief? I have everything I want, and I can also afford a bracelet like this, but she can’t! Why should I be jealous of her?!”

“You! Who are you calling a thief?! We haven’t even gotten to the bottom of this matter! So who are you calling a thief?!”

Zhao Lingling straightened her neck. “I’m talking about her! She’s a thief! She stole it! I saw it with my own eyes! Wu Tian! Tell me! You were with me back then. You saw it too!”

Wu Tian looked at her and hesitated for a moment.

Zhao Lingling was stunned and turned around to look at her. “Wu Tian!”

Wu Tian was hesitating. She glanced at Zhao Lingling and said softly, “I, I can’t remember…”

Lù  Yue’an turned to look at her. In the next second, she pounced over and grabbed Zhao Lingling’s hand.. “Lingling! Please stop it! It definitely wasn’t

Sister Ning! I don’t want the bracelet anymore, alright?! Stop talking, please!”

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