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Chapter 441 - Chapter 441: No One Can stay!

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Chapter 441: No One Can stay!

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But now, the two of them had appeared in front of him unharmed.


Cui Cheng immediately realized that Bai Ze and Bai Wan were here to take revenge on him.

Cui Cheng knew that since they had already found him, there was no way he could escape.

This was because the Bai family had the bloodline of Yun Yin from the clouds. Such talent made people jealous and terrified.

Otherwise, why would the Emperor of the East Continent be so afraid of the Bai family?

Was it just because Bai Xiao had military power?

No, the emperor was afraid of the abilities of these young masters of the Bai family. He was afraid that one day, when they became powerful, they would even take away his throne.

Therefore, the emperor’s order was that Bai Xiao and the three young masters of the Bai family had to die!

Not a single one of them could remain alive!

Otherwise, with the Bai family’s personality, as long as they still had a life, they would definitely avenge their family.

Cui Cheng was naturally afraid of something that even the emperor was afraid of.

Not long ago, when he heard the news of the sudden death of the East Continent’s emperor, he panicked and naturally thought of the Bai family.

Unexpectedly, Bai Ze and Bai Wan were still alive!

The death of the East Continent’s emperor…

“I’ll go with you, but please be magnanimous and spare my family. They’re all innocent. They don’t know anything.”

Bai Wan’s eyes were filled with hatred as she looked at him. “Your family is innocent! What about my family? What about the members of the Bai family who died tragically? What about the soldiers who lost their lives because of your scheme? Aren’t they innocent?! Do they deserve to die?! When you attacked the Bai family, did you ever think of letting them off?” Did he only know to beg for mercy now?

What about the time when he was doing evil previously?

Cui Cheng averted his gaze. Over the years, he had dreamed of many soldiers who had died tragically coming to ask for his life.

The reason why he did good deeds was that he wanted to accumulate some virtue for himself and his family so that he could wash away his sins.

But now, he understood that no matter how many good deeds he did, it would not change the sins he had committed in the past.

The Bai family would not forgive him, and neither would the brothers of the Bai Army!

Actually, Bai Wan and Bai Ze had already decided that they would only take Cui Cheng away this time and not touch his family. It was just that Bai Wan was filled with anger and needed to vent it.

Yun Ran brought her two children to a nearby restaurant to wait for Bai Wan and the others to settle their matters.

The little packrat obediently drank the red bean sweet soup with a small spoon. Her calves were still swaying under the table.

Unexpectedly, while they were drinking, a huge mud ball was suddenly thrown at their table.

Yun Ran instinctively raised her hand to protect the two children in her arms.

When she looked again, the food on the table had all been ruined by the mud.

The little packrat widened her big black eyes. She was a little frightened, and her eyes turned red. “Sweetcake’s red bean sweet soup is dirty. It can’t be eaten…”

She was having a good meal when someone suddenly threw a mud ball at her. No one could tolerate this.

MO Beiyuan had gone to buy candied hawthorn for the little packrat. Under the lead of Thunderbolt, the secret guards of the Yuan Mansion rushed towards the person who threw the mud ball.

The two sides were at daggers drawn.

Opposite her was a 14-year-old young man. He was pale and thin, and his triangular eyes were raised. He was smiling sinisterly at Yun Ran and the others.

There were also many guards beside him.

Thunderbolt questioned him, “Why did you throw mud balls on our little master’s table? Are you crazy?’

The secret guards could not bear to see Sweetcake suffer..

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