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Chapter 1184 - 1184 Same Old Rules

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1184 Same Old Rules

When Tang Man saw that Xue Fanxin had been pulled away by that old drunkard, he was very displeased and pulled her back. “She’s my disciple. If anyone needs to teach her, it should be me. What has it got to do with you? If you’re bored, go drink your wine. Don’t get in the way here.”

The old man was also very displeased as he pulled Xue Fanxin back and retorted self-righteously, “You’ve been a mentor of the Yellow Class in the Five Elements Academy for hundreds of years, but I’ve never seen you care about any disciple. I wanted to teach this girl, but you just had to snatch her from me. Old fellow, are you deliberately going against me?”

“What do you mean by snatching her from you? Old drunkard, you were clearly the one who snatched her from me, okay? This is my disciple, a student of my Yellow Class. You came to my Yellow Class to snatch my disciple, and you still have the right to say that?”


“This girl is not the only student in your Yellow Class. There are four more waiting for you to teach them!”

“The five of them are a team. Not a single one can be missing.”

“Even if it’s a group, they have to improve their individual abilities first before training their tacit understanding. I’ll be in charge of improving this girl’s strength. You’ll be in charge of the four of them and then train their tacit understanding together. Furthermore, she cultivates the Wood Spirit Art. Do you know the Wood Spirit Art?”

“You…” Tang Man could not win against the old drunkard, but he was unwilling to compromise and give in. In the end, he made a suggestion. “Since neither of us is willing to give in, let’s do it according to the old rules. ”

“Fine. I’m not afraid of you!”

Xue Fanxin was extremely speechless as she was pulled around. Seeing that Tang Man and the elder who was drinking said that they wanted to do it according to some old rule, and looking at how both of them were filled with fighting spirit, she thought that they were going to fight, so she wanted to persuade them.

Unexpectedly, just as she was about to speak, what happened next stunned her.

Tang Man and the old man stood facing each other and pretended to be about to fight. They even got into all kinds of fighting postures, but in the end…

“Rock, paper, scissors.”

Seeing the two adults play such a childish game, Xue Fanxin was even more speechless. But for some reason, she liked this style and these two jumpy and personal seniors.

“Haha… My stone hammered your scissors. Haha… Old man, I won. In the future, I’ll teach this girl. Haha… Girl, come, come. I’ll start teaching you how to cultivate that Wood Spirit Art now.”

Tang Man was still in a scissor sign position. Seeing Xue Fanxin being pulled to the side by the old drunkard, he was extremely depressed.

But so what if he was depressed?

A loss was a loss. This was the rule they had agreed on. No cheating.

Furthermore, the old drunkard was right. Fanxin cultivated the Wood Spirit Art. He had never cultivated the Wood Spirit Art, so it was more suitable for the old drunkard to teach her.

Forget it. Anyway, no matter who taught her, Fanxin was still a disciple of his Yellow Class.

Tang Man had gotten over it and stopped arguing with the old drunkard. Instead, he went to see the other disciples. After all, he had personally chosen those children and could not be too biased.

In the past, he had not chosen any of the students from the Yellow Class. It could even be said that he had not taken a liking to any of them. They had all been thrown to the Yellow Class because they were not wanted by the Heaven Class, Earth Class, and Mystic Class.

Even if he was a mentor of the Yellow Class, he had never cared about students who were not chosen by him. He had never even bothered to mentor them, which was why the students of the Yellow Class were so bad.

But he had chosen the students from the Yellow Class himself this year. He would naturally take care of these students and nurture them with all his heart.

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